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Is love enough

I have heard the old adage time and time again that love is great and essential, but that it is not sufficient enough to maintain a successful relationship. Up until recently, I had adopted this notion and made it applicable to all of my significant, romantic relationships. Honestly, it was because for the longest time, I believed that love was solely how one made you feel, but did not explore the depths of the true meaning of love.

I have had the pleasure of being in relationships with a few wonderful men who, over time, helped me to identify what love means to me and have finally concluded that love is enough.

Love is a compilation of behaviors given and received to one due to the way a person feels about another. In love there is physical and emotional safety because it is patient and kind. The threat of experiencing pain from any kind of abuse is removed as love provides protection and the desire the share in love rather than be self-seeking and satisfying. Financial needs are met because love perseveres. That means that your mate will continue to work as hard as he or she needs to, both in the workplace and home, in order to assure that all basic needs are met. Love allows for individual growth and supports it because it allows for your partner to celebrate when a new truth is discovered within the self. Love prevents stagnation in the relationship because it is forgiving and looks for solution rather than lingering in the problem. True forgiveness in q relationship allows it to be dynamic in its pursuit to a newer dimension where both partners are exceedingly satisfied.

So, you see there is no more substantiated truth to the former belief. Love is enough is both partners are able to identify and execute it with no limitation.

Let me know your thoughts below.

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